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Sociable and Nice for the Holidays

sociable and nice santa

Merrry Christmas!! That’s how it starts, with these 2 innocent little words that once set in motion will cause all hell to break loose! It’s the holidays season, time to be good and jolly, sweet and friendly, sociable and nice (:P), it’s time for peace on earth and kindness amongst men… Yeah right ?! ;)


Facebook new crap profile and the bullshit idiot


Facebook has again a new profile! With something like 6 months ago from the last one people are already “upgrading” to it.

“New profile”: well they basically just scrambled the same old features around the page so you can feel warm and fuzzy insight when you curse for not finding the Send message button or who knows what else.

Welcome to Sociable and Nice with a blog :)

Consider this my way of thinking out loud and.. online.
And if there might still be any doubt about the sociable and nice part, I even have a page with cute kittens ;)

P.S. Depending on my mood, i will write in english (en) or romanian (ro)
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