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How To Disable Or Remove Facebook Timeline

Delete Or Remove Facebook Timeline

Facebook officially unleashed upon the world their new Facebook Timeline.

This is the only guide I could find to disable and delete the new Facebook Timeline forever!


How to Enable Facebook Timeline – Reloaded

Enable Facebook Timeline Part 2 -

Facebook is finally ready to release the Facebook Timeline.

This is the new updated guide on How to get your shiny new Facebook Timeline with just 2 clicks!


Twitter Brand Pages and Redesign

New Twitter Brand Pages and Redesign -

Twitter is the one now that gets more sociable and nice announcing their new Twitter Brand Pages and redesign positioning itself once again as a major competitor for Facebook and Google+.

These new changes are set to highly increase the company’s revenues over the next period of time!


Facebook settles with the FTC: 20 years of privacy audits!

Facebook settles with FTC -

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that a settlement has been reached between Facebook and the FTC (US Federal Trade Commission) over charges of engaging in “unfair and deceptive” practices and systematically invading their users privacy.

Zuckerberg himself admitted that “we have made a bunch of mistakes

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