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30 (almost) reasons why I miss Brazil

  1. I used to think I was working a lot (and complaining about it of course).. now I barely have time even for that (complaining I mean)
  2. I used to wish to find time to sleep (Now I kinda still do.. but for all the wrong reasons:)) )
  3. I miss telling people to ask Jin for his full name.. and see his reaction
  4. I miss that cheese and orange loving, night barking dog
  5. I miss going on motorcycle with Helen . I never had so many flashes of my entire life..
  6. Because I can barely remember when I had my last beer… and what I’m sure of is that is was only one beer.
  7. Its strange not feeling like the only sane person in the room :))
  8. I miss living in an apartment but only meeting my host like once a week
  9. I miss Carnival
  10. I miss my Kiko and Tassia and all of their trainee trips
  11. I don’t miss Kiko’s singing.. I’m sure he must have other talents
  12. I miss ah so many beers with that lil One
  13. I miss my trainees (but not waiting for those lazy bastards :P )
  14. I barely remember what maracuja tastes like
  15. Because I need a good caipirinha
  16. I miss my 2 hour ride to work and back each day.. yeah right!
  17. It’s been way to long since I had a really good party
  18. I miss those people that always seem to get me lost.. and than found again (or something)
  19. I miss our Rio experience.. but not collecting the money from all those lazy freeloaders!
  20. I miss taking a good picture of Felipao (Ah wait.. noo, that never happened!)
  21. I miss my LCP and the EB.. ah and my OC!
  22. And that destrabalata!
  23. Wait there was a crazy one also.. (Well slightly crazier than the rest)
  24. And a butterfly! No no, not that one, this one !
  25. I also miss that big headed loud girl (shares the same small city with the cow)
  26. And not to forget the gang, the japanese and that chata that nobody really likes :P
  27. I miss having my cup always full!
  28. I miss the passion for life everyone had! Well.. almost
  29. I miss my goodbye party :)
  30. I just miss Brazil!

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  • [...] 30 almost reasons why I miss Brazil [...]

  • Ahhhh! Can I “like” this post hundred times?????
    Miss you too gringo!!!

  • You can only like it once.. I guess Facebook was not aware of my “presence” when they made the Like button :P :))

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