AIR Google – Best User Experience While Crashing

Google Air

Fasten your seat belts, close your Google Games and say your prayers! We are going down but don’t worry, AIR Google will offer you the best user experience while we crash! Fear not, there will be a Google Map placemark on our estimated crash site with direction links being sent to the near by hospitals. We can cancel your Google Calendar schedule and update your Google+ status if you want to share this with your friends and family. In case you will not survive the crash there will be a complimentary plot in our Google Cemetery.

I guess that would a crash announcement probably sounds like while flying Google AIR. Why Google Air you might ask? Are they planing for one?! Well odds are that they are. If history has taught us something is that Google always thinks big and they always carefully prepare their moves.

It’s like they did with Google+: they first started to invest / acquire social media related companies like Blogger and Zynga for the games (See here also Social Games – Billion Dollar Industry), than they released the Google +1 button for the web searches, recently the are rolling out Google Games and now they are preparing for Google+ Business Pages.

The same course of action is happening here: On July 1, 2010 Google payed $700 million to acquire ITA Software (the world’s largest airline search software company). Soon the Department of Justice gave them the “OK” and on Tuesday (September 13, 2011) Google has just launched Google Flights. So it kinda makes perfect sense, why not start their own flights company.. AIR Google?!  - Boldly go where no geek has gone before!

Of course Google Flights is still at his humble beginnings:

Now you can search for flights only in the US and the results point to the original companies. There are some cool features like loading speed, best price and setting up your travel schedule. Even if they stick only with the searches they are entering a $300 billion market per year! And they are just getting ready to take this industry by storm!

There was even a fierce but pointless opposition from, an alliance of companies in the search and travel industries that include Microsoft, Kayak and Expedia. The of course failed, like the rebel alliance trying to fight the Empire without the “jedi force”! As usual Google was victorious and it’s getting ready to conquer these new opponents as well. Soon going online will be called going on Google!

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