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The Sociable and Nice Do NOT Push Button

Sociable and Nice Do Not Push Button

As the title subtly suggests this is the Sociable and Nice Do NOT Push button.

All you have to do is NOT pushing it. Do you think you can you resist?!

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The Sociable and Nice Tic Tac Toe (X si 0)


The most difficult tic tac toe (X si 0) game ever!
Think this is a battle against me, wouldn’t you like to beat me? ;)

So, do you actually think you can win?!

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How smart are ya? (the cube)

the cube

So you have enjoyed round 1?!

Now comes the second one, (drum roll).. The Cube! It has only 30 levels, and the first ones are easier of course ;)

Warning: It can be highly addictive or highly frustrating (depending on your IQ)
Just don’t get upset if you can’t do it, the world needs stupid people also..

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How smart are ya?

smart frogs game

Most people ironically think highly of themselves especially when it comes to how smart they are ;)

So do you think you are clever, how smart are ya?! Try this game for size, and see how fast you can solve it.

Welcome to Sociable and Nice with a blog :)

Consider this my way of thinking out loud and.. online.
And if there might still be any doubt about the sociable and nice part, I even have a page with cute kittens ;)

P.S. Depending on my mood, i will write in english (en) or romanian (ro)
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