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Google Buzz Is Being Shut Down

Google Buzz ShutDown - Vectorash

Google Buzz is going Buuh Bye!

Few days ago Bradley Horowitz, the VP for Google+ made an official announcement on the Google blog saying that Google Buzz is going to be canceled making way for the future: Google+!


Facebook is tracking your activity even after you log off

Facebook is Watching You -

Apparently these days Facebook is the one getting more Sociable and less Nice!

An Australian blogger discovered and exposed the huge privacy breach that Facebook tracks down your activity even after you log out of your account.


How to Enable Facebook Timeline right NOW

Enable Facebook Timeline -

Facebook has in store a new major change, the Facebook Timeline!

It hasn’t been released to the general public yet but soon it will be enabled for everyone.

If you want to get ahead of the crowd, this is the 7 easy steps guide on How to get your shiny new Facebook Timeline now!


Facebook new crap profile – reloaded!

Facebook New Crap Profile -

And they did it again! Facebook came up yet again with a new, even crappier profile! Hard to imagine that was actually possible, right?!

In the battle against Google+ instead of adding new features, improving the old ones, or even more important solving issues, and putting they shit together.. they just copy each other! And we’re the ones paying for it!


AIR Google – Best User Experience While Crashing

Google AIR -

Fasten your seat belts, close your Google Games and say your prayers! We are going down but don’t worry, AIR Google will offer you the best user experience while we crash! Fear not, there will be a Google Map placemark on our estimated crash site with direction links being sent to the near by hospitals. We can cancel your Google Calendar schedule and update your Google+ status if you want to share this with your friends and family. In case you will not survive the crash there will be a complimentary plot in our Google Cemetery.


Internet Explorer Users Have Low IQ

Firefox biting IE -

Finally it’s official, if you are using Internet Explorer (especially IE 6) you’re a moron!

A study made (allegedly) by a Canadian company called AptiQuant that polled over 100 000 people ages 16 and up presented that basically Internet Explorer users have a lower IQ. And the dumbest people on the Internet are the ones still using IE6!


Online Social Games – Billion Dollar Industry

Online Social Games - Billion Dollar Industry

A Sociable and Nice take on Online Social Games, a billion dollar industry for Facebook Games and Google+ Games!

Every day millions and millions of people go online to play these lame stupid repetitive (friends spamming requests) games that stimulate nothing but the accounts of the greedy few that are feeding on the addiction of these brainless zombies


Google is turning Sociable and NOT Nice!

Google Sociable and NOT Nice

Google has finally understood the power of social media and as usually decided to “own” it!

As some of you might have seen or heard, Google has launched a full scale attack on his new found bold but naive competitor Facebook.

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The Sociable and Nice take on Fairy Tales

Sociable and Nice Fairytale

Once upon a time.. people had nothing better to do than copulate (without the use of modern or even old ways or contraception) thus small loud pooping and demanding brats were born.

Because most parents were a bit reluctant in stuffing their kids with sleeping pills and/or alcohol they had to talk them to sleep. And that’s how fairy tales were born…

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The Sociable and Nice Do NOT Push Button

Sociable and Nice Do Not Push Button

As the title subtly suggests this is the Sociable and Nice Do NOT Push button.

All you have to do is NOT pushing it. Do you think you can you resist?!

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The Internet Idiot

Internet Idiot

I’m writing this post to raise awareness about an issue that affects all of us. It’s not breaking news, it goes on for tens of years, but I think people have just forgot or don’t care anymore.

So BEWARE: Besides radiation exposure, city destroying earthquakes and flooding tsunamis there is another strong menace out there: the Internet Idiot!

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The Sociable and Nice Tic Tac Toe (X si 0)


The most difficult tic tac toe (X si 0) game ever!
Think this is a battle against me, wouldn’t you like to beat me? ;)

So, do you actually think you can win?!

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How smart are ya? (the cube)

the cube

So you have enjoyed round 1?!

Now comes the second one, (drum roll).. The Cube! It has only 30 levels, and the first ones are easier of course ;)

Warning: It can be highly addictive or highly frustrating (depending on your IQ)
Just don’t get upset if you can’t do it, the world needs stupid people also..

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How smart are ya?

smart frogs game

Most people ironically think highly of themselves especially when it comes to how smart they are ;)

So do you think you are clever, how smart are ya?! Try this game for size, and see how fast you can solve it.

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Yahoo mail using Facebook and Google acounts

Google Yahoo Login

Now you can log in to Yahoo mail using your Facebook and wait for it.. Google account!!!
Yes this is not a joke now you can log in to Yahoo mail using Google!

I can try to understand about Facebook, Yahoo wants part of that audience and traffic to remember the emails created probably just so they can use Facebook..

Welcome to Sociable and Nice with a blog :)

Consider this my way of thinking out loud and.. online.
And if there might still be any doubt about the sociable and nice part, I even have a page with cute kittens ;)

P.S. Depending on my mood, i will write in english (en) or romanian (ro)
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