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Brazilian Carnival and.. Romania

Brazil VS Romania -

In Brazil the party is here, the Carnival started, and we are freezing our ass(ets) here in Romania.. the land of ice age!

Enjoy my first 9GAG Meme!

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Happy Halloween from Google

Happy Halloween from Google -

Google has prepared for this Halloween a more unusual doodle.

They’ve involved a lot of their mouse trigger happy staff to do a 8 hour time-lapse video of 6 giant pumpkins being carved!

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The Sociable and Nice take on Fairy Tales

Sociable and Nice Fairytale

Once upon a time.. people had nothing better to do than copulate (without the use of modern or even old ways or contraception) thus small loud pooping and demanding brats were born.

Because most parents were a bit reluctant in stuffing their kids with sleeping pills and/or alcohol they had to talk them to sleep. And that’s how fairy tales were born…

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The Internet Idiot

Internet Idiot

I’m writing this post to raise awareness about an issue that affects all of us. It’s not breaking news, it goes on for tens of years, but I think people have just forgot or don’t care anymore.

So BEWARE: Besides radiation exposure, city destroying earthquakes and flooding tsunamis there is another strong menace out there: the Internet Idiot!

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Yahoo mail using Facebook and Google acounts

Google Yahoo Login

Now you can log in to Yahoo mail using your Facebook and wait for it.. Google account!!!
Yes this is not a joke now you can log in to Yahoo mail using Google!

I can try to understand about Facebook, Yahoo wants part of that audience and traffic to remember the emails created probably just so they can use Facebook..

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The evolution of technology

sociable and nice in the stoneage1

Ironically from the beginning of time people have always faced the same issues…

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Sociable and Nice for the Holidays

sociable and nice santa

Merrry Christmas!! That’s how it starts, with these 2 innocent little words that once set in motion will cause all hell to break loose! It’s the holidays season, time to be good and jolly, sweet and friendly, sociable and nice (:P), it’s time for peace on earth and kindness amongst men… Yeah right ?! ;)

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30 (almost) reasons why I miss Brazil

Sociable And Nice In Brazil

1. I used to think I was working a lot (and complaining about it of course).. now I barely have time even for that (complaining I mean)

2. I used to wish to find time to sleep (Now I kinda still do.. but for all the wrong reasons:)) )

3. I miss telling people to ask Jin for his full name.. and see his reaction
30 I just miss Brazil


Hello world!

And that how I started some almost 3 years ago… It was a far from perfect first version but that’s got significantly improved!

(But same old me by the way… well OK, with a little twist) [...]

Welcome to Sociable and Nice with a blog :)

Consider this my way of thinking out loud and.. online.
And if there might still be any doubt about the sociable and nice part, I even have a page with cute kittens ;)

P.S. Depending on my mood, i will write in english (en) or romanian (ro)
Now feel free to use the "+1" feature for Google:
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