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How smart are ya? (the cube)

So you have enjoyed round 1?!

Now comes the second one, (drum roll).. The Cube! It has only 30 levels, and the first ones are easier of course ;)

Warning: It can be highly addictive or highly frustrating (depending on your IQ)
Just don’t get upset if you can’t do it, the world needs stupid people also..

P.S. You can stop,  and continue from the level you last finished!

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  • now really, what’s your level? :P

  • I finished it, wanna to see a picture of the last level? :D

  • how many levels are there? I’m at 12

  • ok..level 16 is where i stop!….before I get addicted!

  • Actually you are almost finished :P

  • daca o sa imi bat capu cu el il termin.. joc de vreo 15 min si sunt la nivelu 16

    • Sunt mult mai usoare cele de la inceput ;)

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