Facebook Brand Pages Update and Post Scheduling

While facing a rapid decline of their stocks Facebook decided to improve that main thing that can increase their profits, the business area. 

They released a series of updates for their busines section, the Facebook Brand Pages.

After a complete redesign of this section in March (see the Facebook Timeline Brand Pages ) they are now adding a couple of new, some pretty interesting features.


1. Facebook Post Scheduling

Now page administrators can schedule posts to be displayed at their date and time of choice.
All you have to do to schedule a post on Facebook is click that small clock like icon: on the bottom left of your post:

There are some restrictions though, you can only schedule a post up to 6 months in advance and in 15 minutes intervals. It’s a pretty useful feature for marketers and page administrators to keep things in order and better planed.

Ah and if you want to see or modify your scheduled post, just go to your Admin Panel on the top of your page, click Edit Page and than Use Activity Log.

If you can’t see your scheduled posts there, (because Facebook is such a “bug-free” machinery) try to log in as your user (that is admin to that particular page). This should do the trick! ;)


2. Admin roles

Finally after a long time Facebok has decided to add the option to manage page admin roles for a better division of tasks.

Here’s a complete list of Facebook Page Admins roles with the attached rights and privileges:

Content Creator
Insights Analyst
Manage Admin Roles
Edit Page and Add Apps
Create Posts as the Page
Responds and Deletes Comments
Sends Messages as the Page
Create Adds
View Insights


3. Facebook Post Reach

One the coolest new features added is the measurement of each Facebook post reach, meaning the complete number of people that viewed each of your posts.

That includes direct views (from fans of the page) or also from friends of the people who interacted with your post.

Facebook revealed that an average post will be seen by only around 16% of your fans.

It’s important to know that each Facebook post has a “lifetime“, a period of time during which the post is present on the fan’s news feeds before being replaced by other stories.
A recent study from Edgerank Checker revealed that the average Facebook post “lifetime” for a page is about 3 hours.

The “lifetime” is influenced by the engagement and the interactions created (likes, shares, comments). A posts that generates a higher engagement will of course last longer, create more visibility and reach more people.

These post reach metrics can help you in the overall analysis of your Facebook posting behaviour and quality.


4. Promote a post

This is a payed feature that comes as direct result to improve the previous metric (the post reach).

This will make the post visible to more people and for longer periods of time.

A brand can now pay $5, $10, $15 or $20 to “get more people who like your Page to see this post.”

Facebook is still rolling out this feature so not all Brand Pages have this yet. But don’t worry since it’s a payed feature you will have it soon ;)

That about it with the new Facebook Brand Pages, looking forward for even newer and cooler features!


If you are interested about Facebook Brand Pages than you must definetelly take a look at our new Facebook for Business guide:

[ Facebook Marketing Guide and Best Practices ]


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  • Dear Victor,
    Your posts about pages are great and really helpful :)
    Keep up teh good work! You are my ‘go to’ person when I need to do something to a Facebook page :)

  • you have got a nice blog here victor. keep it updated and i found the facebook post scheduling feature very helpful for my fans…i am seeing more likes and comments on my posts :)

    • Thank you :) And very nice, I am glad it was helpful! :D

  • Thanks, this is really useful! I have found that if you schedule a few posts in a short period of time, first they will appear as individual posts on the page, but then Facebook will group them together in an album after a few hours. Is this a reported issue? Frustrating for us!

    • Ah yes, i heard about this once again, i don’t know more about the issue, but I also hope they will fix this!

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