Facebook Chat Messenger for Windows

Facebook Chat Messenger for Windows
Facebook has launched a chat messenger for Windows!
Apparently chatting from your browser wasn’t keeping people engaged enough with Facebook.

If you want to try this new gimmick, you may get it from here.
Don’t be too excited though, the strange part is that the new desktop chat application is exactly the same as the browser chat on Facebook. There are no new features or options, nothing!

I was at least hoping for some new additional stuff. Actually now, the integrated Facebok version has an additional button to send you directly to a person’s profile page, wich even I have to admit it’s a pretty useful feature to have around.

Also there was a pretty huge improvement from the old chat functionality both for the integrated and the messenger versions. Before this it was a real nightmare. Chatting with people having less than a desirable Internet connection was a real ordeal! Messages were not being sent, nor received… I mean you were typing it and sending it, but it wasn’t arriving at the destination! It’s sooo fun to wait for the answer on a question that the other person didn’t even receive!

These kind of fluctuations are one of the things thart annoy me most on the Internet. Sometimes it’s from the user’s own fault (hardware or software) and sometimes from the connection and the Internet provider.
UK users can go with O2 Broadband Internet Provider  as it turns out, the winner of 5 uSwitch Awards in 2012. The rest of us can just rely on our local providers.

Me, right after installing my new Facebook chat messenger, quess what? I uninstalled and deleted the whole thing.

But ah well that’s just me, if you like it, and want to never miss another message from your friends and “Chat while you do other stuff” you may now install the new Facebook messenger:

It will be one more distraction along with Skype, Yahoo and/or MSN (for the few ones that actually still use that).

We’re all in the end just a bunch of social creatures, right?!

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  • I had used this messenger and still using it. The messenger is awesome. No need to open your facebook page to see notifications or anything. Chat with your friends will doing your another work. You presented this messenger in very neat and nice manner. Good quality post.

  • it’s a nice tool to use! thanks for the info!

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