Facebook new crap profile – reloaded!

Facebook New Crap Profile -

And they did it again! Facebook came up yet again with a new, even crappier profile! Hard to imagine that was actually possible, right?!

Uhh, I do feel I am repeating myself, see my previous post  Facebook New Crap Profile and the Bullshit Idiot – It’s probably the same damn idiot.. but with shiny new new features!

For the ones that don’t know me, or don’t know that about me I am NOT a morning person. I do need little time and peace to adapt my early grumpiness to the new day at hand.

So I get up, and even before going to the bathroom, I usually start my laptop. And guess what I see when I open my Facebook account:

Facebook New Crap Profile Warning -

And of course I see everything got messed up again. This kind of crap  makes it really hard to be my lovely sociable and nice self.

In the battle against dear old Google+ instead of adding new features, improving the old ones, or even more important solving issues, and putting their shit together..  they just copy each other!  And we’re the ones paying for it.

Now I have what their brilliant minds think are Top Stories on top of the Recent Stories and a pile of crowded data on top of the now smaller chat window.  But it’s OK they did that to improve our experience: “All Your News is Now in One Place”  Where exactly is that, scrambled all over the screen?!  And they do share a couple of truly insightful help tips.  ”If you see top stories first when you load your News Feed, simply scroll down to see the recent stories.”

And guess what?! It doesn’t even work properly.  I just removed few posts from people I haven’t talked to in over an year from my Top Stories section (of course), and when I refreshed the page the posts showed up again! Crappy embarrassing bugs on Facebook, a 60 billion dollar business? What a surprise?!

And don’t get me started on the privacy issues, now it’s no longer called stalking, it’s called “subscribing” !

This is the kind of Facebook crap that should speed up our migration towards Google+.

Ah and as a quick UPDATE – I wanted to share with you a perfectly explanatory picture about what the users truly represent to his “highnessMark Zuckerberg of Facebook:

What Users truly are for Facebook -

So since we are not paying for it, we are NOT the customers we most definitely are the products being sold! This should paint a more clear picture ;)

What are your thoughts on the matter?

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  • LOVE the comment “all your news is in one place — where? scrambled all over the screen?”

    It’s so true. I don’t quite yet understand how Facebook execs (or whomever is making these decisions) can decided that THEY know what is “top news” for us, or what stories we’ll find interesting. Half of the time, the “top story” is from someone who I don’t even talk with on Facebook… so if nothing else, it just gives me the motivation to delete the friend, because I realize that I don’t talk with them anymore!

    Crazy, crazy, Facebook. I see this as the beginning of the end for them. They will have their loyal users still active, I’m sure… but since this big change correlates with GooglePlus’ release to the public, I’m predicting a LOT Of users migrating to G-Plus.

    Thanks for sharing!!

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  • Excellent post. I am so upset! I am preparing for my facebook account get deleted… but not matter how many past posts I deleted, it will never get really deleted… I feel betrayed.
    I will have to get used to google+

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