Facebook new crap profile and the bullshit idiot


Facebook has again a new profile! With something like 6 months ago from the last one people are already “upgrading” to it.

“New profile”: well they basically just scrambled the same old features around the page so you can feel warm and fuzzy insight when you curse for not finding the Send message button or who knows what else. And ah a new feature, now you can add sports… Uh finally!!!! From the moment I joined Facebook I was waiting for this special and wonderful moment when I can finally add sports to my profile!        Idiots!

Now with more ways to show and tell your story.” I’m on Facebook to keep in touch with friends and people I know! Hi5 is for telling your story and picking up stupid 16th year old half naked bathroom phone picture chicks.

In only few years Facebook became a huge brand with a shit load of money being thrown their way, so it’s only normal they will be spending money and resources to improve the platform. Billions of people are using this so you’d expect them to keep up, to make improvements, fix errors, repair bugs, stop spam, control privacy… but Noooooo, instead they just scramble the same things all over the screen!

But you have to wonder why would they do that?! And I believe the answer lies here with the           bullshit idiot!

Who or what’s the bullshit idiot, you might ask?!

In almost every company or organization there’s always an idiot who’s entire life is dedicated to bullshit! He does not understand, neither cares about the real problems or issues. He is usually stupid but able to hide it at first. He has too much free time on his hands and instead of actually doing something useful (like coffee) he just comes up with crap.

And worse of all is that he believes in that crap, it’s his crap after all, right? And since he’s special he thinks of himself as a visionary, he thinks outside the box normal mortals can’t go around. And have you noticed how all idiots tend to give so much value to their unbelievable stupid ideas?! And most of the other people can hardly stop them because they are usually left speechless: He said what?!!! He what?! How the f****?! Huh?! And of course there is no valid argument against him, because our idiot is a visionary and he has the right attitude!

Since what he does is come up with crap, he has all the free time to sell this crap to other idiots usually ones in leadership positions. Those morons have no idea what our idiot is talking about, but since it’s his field, and he feels so strongly about it… he must know something, so why not, let’s just do it!!!

And that’s how we end up with a new facebook profile to upgrade to!

Update ( 21 of September 2011, 13.30): There is now an ever newer and of course crappier Facebook Profile: Facebook New Crap Profile – Reloaded

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