Gmail Just Got A New Look!

GMAIL New Look - Vectorash

Tired of cursing Facebook for their new changes? Well now Google wants a piece of that also! They are right now rolling out a fresh new look for GMail.

This is mainly an update of the old interface towards the new look consistent with Google+. They’re hoping this will make it easier and more familiar for the millions of GMail account owners to actually use the new Google+ social network, that’s desperately lacking human activity!

More details in the official video:

Despite my “Sociable and Nice” nature I don’t have much to complain about this new change. Fortunately, unlike Facebook, they took a decent approach for this update, and managed to keep most things and functionalities (more or less in the same familiar places) and added some new features as well.

Google earlier this year already gave a “head’s up” warning about the new look for Gmail with a “Preview” theme. Some of the new things are:


Sticky” Navigation

The top of the page, the labels and chat contacts are now “sticky“, remaining visible at all times. You can change the size of the labels and chat area, showing either more labels  or more chat contacts. It gets a bit annoying that this is modified automatically by hovering your mouse over one of the areas..


Streamlined conversations

They have redesigned the Conversation view for faster and easier use of the email threads. Now you will see the contact’s picture and just a summary of his email content for easier navigation.

Gmail new look - conversations


Fancy Search

A more “handy” search screen will pop up for an easier search and also with the possibility to create a filter.

Gmail new look - search Gmail


HD themes

Full screen images provided by iStockphoto may now decorate your GMail. Now you can open your GMail just to watch the pretty pictures… Weee!

Gmail new look - HD themes


Screen size

You may now change the screen size and density based on your preference or device you are using. The’re calling this Elastic density

Gmail new look - screen size


Moooore Money

Not for you but for Google, of course! The main feature of this new look are the adds that stick out way more than before. You didn’t think they are doing all of this work for your benefit, right?!


So in case you don’t have the new look already there will soon pop up a small “Switch to the new look” link in the bottom right of your GMail page: GMail new look link

Now if you want, you may even switch back to the old interface (from the Settings menu) but this option will be removed soon as the new GMail look will become final.

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  • Do You know who is responsible for gmail redesign? it’s unreadable, unintuitive… so awful, that i’m forced to move my company’s mail services to another provider ;(

    • Hey, I am sure they have a big team of designers responsible with this. But the changes are not as huge as like for Facebook for instance. With a lil bit of practice I am sure you will be ok :)

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