Google is turning Sociable and NOT Nice!

Google Sociable and NOT Nice

As some of you might have seen or heard, Google has launched a full scale attack on his new found bold but naive competitor Facebook. ( Did they actually think they could poke the “bear” and get away with it?! )

Google has finally understood the power of social media and as usually decided to “own” it!

Facebook is the biggest player in this field but they became too arrogant, consumed by their own fame, that turned them into a bully, thinking people will just take their abuse, privacy violations, spam..
And feeding on these mistakes Google calmly but surely has started to slowly surround it’s pray, getting ready for the kill shot.

The first wave of the invasion is the +1 Button, basically a Google Like button for the web:

It’s pretty much similar with the Facebook Like but with a huge incentive. The +1s will be visible in the Google searches and maybe soon it will actually influence the search results. This tiny difference will make most site owners/ web designers / SEO professionals want to include this feature into their websites.

This small button is already popping up all over the web and people can now “+1” things. You’d think the marketing department of a 100 billion dollars company could come up with a better name though..
There’s one here:   (this is a button you can safely press)

The second and probably the most lethal move of the attack is the Google+ project, or as they want it to be, the “new Facebook“. A small video presentation of it here:

Google is trying to use the same tactic as with Gmail, releasing the beta version than can be accessed by invitation only. So there is now a big buzz about getting into and experimenting with Google+. It looks for now like a simpler, cleaner version of Facebook, let’s only hope it will work better! The brand new social network includes:

  • Circles – something like the Facebook friends lists. The good part here is that if you were using Gmail most of the people you know and keep in contact to will magically appear as suggestions. It’s not a mind reading device, well at least not yet!
  • Sparks – a bunch of annoying content (articles, videos, posts) that will spam you based on your “interests”
  • Hangouts – group video chat! Sounds so kinky doesn’t?! Now you can have all of your friends see that brand new underwear or the brand new holes in the old underwear.. I’ll be waiting for the Slutty Google Nerds hangout!
  • Instant Upload and Huddle – some handy features for mobile users.

Google - Facebook Sociable and Nice War
Facebook is still the leader of the social networking, and even if they have a crappy system and incompetent
developers (see Facebook New Crap Profile) they have over 750 million of active users, business profiles and a huge load of out of control applications (not all spammy).

This will be a long war, one of business intelligence, strategy, innovation  and user satisfaction. May be best lord of darkness win!

If you want to try the new social network and you don’t know how to get an invitation for Google+  I could send you one since I am after all Sociable and Nice! Just drop me a comment bellow asking for one..

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  • acum poate am o invitaţie? Terog?

  • first! :) i don’t think google will beat facebook soon, but i think google is better… but can you send me an invite? (maxwellszymanski@gmail.com)

  • Hi could I get a google plus invite?

    Please and thankyou!

  • invite me please!

  • Hello, first of all nice post, very informative.
    Secondly may I have an invite?

    Thank you!

  • Thanks for the article. Would you be so kind to send an invite?

  • oki, so can you really give away invitations? How come? do you work for google? If that’s the case: awesome!

    I was wondering how can I add a +1 button to a website? I guess I can find out on my own, but I’m a bit lazy at the time… :D

  • Hey guys, sorry for the delay, I sent out the invitations :)

  • Thanks for the article. Please send me invitation. Thanks.

  • May I have an invitation for Google+ please.

    Thank you

  • hey guys… first of all very interesting article and…CAN u send me an invite please thank you!! luis_p2@live.com

  • May I have an invite? Thanks in advance!

  • I’d be grateful if you could send me an invite. Thanks!

    • Hey Jen, now Google+ has opened to the public, you no longer need and invite ;)

  • Can u pls send me an invite? Thanks

    • Google+ has been opened for everyone. You can have your account without an invitation :)

      • to Vectorash: “like” ;)

  • I would love an invite to the google +1 social media site, please

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