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How smart are ya?

Most people ironically think highly of themselves especially when it comes to how smart they are ;)

So do you think you are clever, how smart are ya?! Try this game for size, and see how fast you can solve it.

I’ve even made a special timer just for you.
You may post your results as a comment, no point in cheating.. you can’t win against the universe, trust me ;)

Give it a try, move all the frogs from right to sit on the left rocks, and all the frogs from left to sit on the right side rocks:

Enjoy ;)

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  • 14 secunde :)

  • 46 sec. :-) (4th try jajaja)

  • 15secs.
    Man, give us a real challenge please! ;)

  • 14 secunde

  • A real challenge:

    Here you go, round 2 :P

  • 15 sec (after several tries)

  • Level 16 ….

  • 14 sec.

  • 9 sec.

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