How To Disable Or Remove Facebook Timeline

Delete Or Remove Facebook Timeline -
As you must know Facebook officially unleashed upon the world their new traffic gimmick and stalker paradise, the Facebook Timeline.

You are here because you obviously hate the new Facebook Timeline and you want to remove or delete it.

Most of us already have the shinny new Timeline, either by choice or imposed on us by dear old Zuckerberg in the “Facebook way” of always doing things.

They care not about what us, the users, actually want. And why would they?! All we are for them is a source of income, the “product” that they are actually selling.

But enough with that, for more Facebook bashing, see: “Facebook new crap profile reloaded

Now you must want to Remove the new Facebook Timeline, right? Here’s the only useful guide I could find:

Step 1. Alternative account

Go to Google+ and create your account, in case you don’t have one..

Google Plus -

Once you’ve done that fill in your profile, add photos, friends, and so on, you know the drill..

(More about Google+ here: Google turning Sociable and NOT Nice )


Step 2. Spread the word

Log into Facebook and inform all of your friends about your new Google+ created account. Spam them until they get it ;)


Step 3. Problem removal

Go to the Facebook Account Delete page.

Delete Facebook Account

They will ask for your password and stuff, and once you do that, for 14 days you must NOT log into your Facebook account until it will be terminated.


Step 4. Socialize.. ahead

Stay on Google+ or what ever social networking site you enjoy most and never look back at the nightmare you just escaped from!


This, my Facebook using friends, is unfortunately the only method I could find to disable and delete the new Facebook Timeline forever!


In case you still want to stick with Facebook I recommend you spend a little time and customize properly your new Facebook Timeline:

[ How to Use Facebook Timeline Guide ]


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  • Ha Ha.. the best method to disable the Facebook timeline ever heard . LoL .

  • nice! lol .hhahaha

  • very nice hah -.-

  • haha, strongly agreed!

  • Lol… Haaahaa

  • I hate facebook timeline

  • loooooool. i just deactivated mine, after reading this!

    • hw did u do dat??? i dnt want timeline profile…bakwas hai

    • hello my friend ,
      i want deactive my facebook timeline so can you plz teach me how to deactive …

      • Actually the only method you have, is the one i posted above :)

        • so, after 14 days of deleting my account, will i be able to use back again????

          • Well no, you will not, this is actually the point :P
            You delete your Facebook account!

  • While it is not possible to remove or delete the new Facebook Timeline page layout, there is a way to hide it from yourself and see the original Facebook page layout . . . with a few caveats.

    Please visit this URL to see and in-depth commentary and solution to this annoying problem:

  • hey, there is a real method for disabling timeline, though i dont know how long it will last. Check out how to do it here ->

  • Timeline is a crap!!!!! I agree with you and i must follow your steps to get rid of it… :-)

  • hahaha lol

  • Timeline is so stupid . I hate it! My parents just started Facebook not to long ago and then it changes haha now they don’t know how to use it .

  • lol!

  • Without a doubt the best and ONLY method!

  • hahahaha… LOL, the most effective method ever!!

  • Ahahahahahahhahaha good idea I will use the delete facebook account one. Good ideas!

  • I like it! But, the funny thing I’m the only one can see it!

    • Don’t “worry”, soon everyone will be able to see your Timeline ;)

  • hahahahah! ver funny!

  • timeline is really nice, but my friends are confused where to find photos, pls post “photo” on FB profile just like before with the old fb profile with just one click .

  • Lawl 251 likes and they still use facebook

  • wow. it works :D

  • Ah yes, I agree!!!! This is the only method. See ya all out of Facebook and on Google+


  • i really hate timeline now. i want to delete my facebook account and not using it anymore… i think facebook will be die forever.


    • Facebook was unable to give an exact date.. it should have happen long long ago, but as you can see.. there are even people that want the timeline and can’t get it :)

  • just tried it hope it will work

  • =.=”’

  • Doar că nu este un articol despre cum să dezactivezi timeline, ci despre cum să-ți faci cont pe Google+

    • Pasul urmator e delete facebook account, ideea e ca din nefericire asta e singura metoda sa deactivezi timeline ;)

  • Me 2 hate timeline… unable to delete it

  • if we de-activate our facebook account for 14days so will it really work ?

    • Well it will work in de-activating your Facebook Account :)

  • hahaa shi!?

  • a nice way to call ppl for google+……….:P

  • haha

  • well know let’s fix it in FireF0x:
    1, While in Firefox click the Orange Firefox button and add-ons.

    2, Now the add-on window will be opened. Now Look for the search bar on Top Right and Search “User agent Switcher” and when search completes and the results come click on the install button and Restart Firefox.
    3 If you don’t see the plugin’s icon in the navigation bar, right-click the navigation bar and select Customize.

    4 Look for the plugin button and drag & drop to the navigation bar.

    5 Now, just click the User Agent Switcher button and navigate through Internet Explorer and select Internet Explorer 7

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