Increase Your Readership Using Facebook Timeline

Facebook Timeline Readership
Facebook seems to be a major marketing tool in the modern day business economy. With the advanced new features and innovative Facebook timeline, online marketing was never so effective before.

Initially the concept of timeline was limited to as an optional feature which has now been a part of the profile and there is no way to ignore it. The fact is there is not any requirement to even think of skipping timeline as it proves to be the best possible solution to increase readership to the profile.

However, features like calls-to-action and other applications for direct online marketing are not available in Facebook any longer. Thus in lieu of such helpful marketing tools and strategies new ideas should be incorporated in order to generate business online. The following lists a few useful techniques that can possibly be a way out.

Larger images mean better Visual treats

The Facebook timeline provides the opportunity to exaggerate the looks and the visual content of a respective profile. Thus the images to be used can possibly contain advertisement materials and messages thereby appealing to the viewers.

Facebook page URL

The Facebook page URL should be clearly listed in all possible sources of lead generation e.g. websites, eBooks etc. This would initiate an interest among the viewers to sneak a peek in the respective Facebook page.

Content is King

No matter whatever method of online advertising is obtained, the content is the key ingredient of any website, any blog or any such online advertisement platform. There should be compelling materials like videos, images and innovative story updates that can eventually play an essential role in creating a good fan base.

Like Box is a must

Featuring a Like Box in the respective website is an essential as well as effective way to relatively increase the number of viewers to the website. With the provision to ‘Like’ visitors can now directly become fans without leaving the respective webpage.

Facebook ads

This is one of the major reasons for the mandatory shift from normal profile to the new Facebook timeline. Limiting the branding options in Facebook has resulted in purchasing advertisements in Facebook. However, the ads seem very effective. A few appropriate ads can effectively turn up the volume of the ad viewers.

New Facebook “Offers”

The new concept of Facebook “Offers” is more like a story based coupon messaging system. This enables users to spread and distribute the promotional offer campaigns in the form of messages over Facebook.

Facebook “Reach Generator”

The content of a particular page is being viewed by almost 15 to 16% of the entire fan base. With the advent of “Reach Generator” feature in Facebook, a user can now pay for projecting the content in the newsfeed to about 60 to 65% at an average rate. This is incredibly unique and beneficial when it comes to online marketing.

Featuring the Key Tabs and Apps in Timeline

The new Facebook Timeline allows users to customize the thumbnails. Almost four of them can be displayed through Timeline. The remarkable feature is that, the section is absolutely expandable with the provision to display about 12 apps at a single time.

Thinking business at every perspective is not the right thing to do. It is always good to broaden the mind and to attempt to reach the extremities. The all new Facebook Timeline is the best way to share, to speak and to reach a crowd in an all new comprehensive way. So, it is not just about business on Facebook Timeline; it is about increasing the readership and obtaining a new dimension.

About the (guest) author: Margaret is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on environment and technology. Beside this she is fond of books. She recently did an article on HTC Wildfire price. These days she is busy in writing an article on justin dior combs.

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