Internet Explorer Users Have Low IQ

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Finally it’s official, if you are using Internet Explorer (especially IE 6) you’re a moron! (See here also: The Internet Idiot)

A study “Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and Browser Usage” made (allegedly) by a Canadian company called AptiQuant that polled over 100 000 people ages 16 and up presented that basically:

- IE users have a significantly lower IQ, the most stupid of em’ all use (shockingly) IE6. They have an average IQ score barely over 80, still to much if you ask me!
- Chrome and Safari users have a significant higher IQ with little difference between them
- Opera and Camino(Mac browser) have the highest IQs.

IE Users have a low IQ

The study also stated that “Individuals on the lower side of the IQ scale tend to resist a change/upgrade of their browsers”.

Soon after the study was released and spread around the Internet after further investigations it was claimed that it may have been a hoax, and the company that presented it may not even exist (Microsoft interference or not)…

Hoax or not, the veridicity of this claim stands, the dumbest people on the Internet are the ones still using IE6. It’s the one common thing that every professional web developer in this world can agree upon!

Even Microsoft themselves are trying to erase this ugly mistake from their past. Live at a Microsoft presentation I attended a while back in the lovely city of Brasov, Romania, the official statement was “Treat Internet Explorer 8 as a standard and IE7 and IE6 as exceptions!” and promised to eradicate IE6 with the automated windows updates.

They even set up a countdown site: Ie6countdown to urge people to finally let the bastard die! A lot of developers and bloggers are supporting this cause for a very long time and with good reason!

If you would have tried to open this blog on IE6 you would have got a big banner informing you that you are using an outdated (crappy) browser and provides you the links to real internet browsers.

Hope for your sake you didn’t get that message, if you have.. there’s nothing more to be said except that

You are an idiot!

For reference in how you could fix this problem, check out this simple guide to terminate IE6

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