MSN Launches Social Trends App on Facebook, Web and Mobile

These days’ social media is given importance by all. The success of Facebook and Twitter has alarmed other major companies to do something to sustain in the domain. After Google, Microsoft in its effort to add more values to its msn user’s experience has revamped its 17 years old content destination and has launched the social reader with brand name ‘MsnNOW’.

The idea to launch this app is same; to keep its users update with the latest in the world. Further, the interesting part is its compilation with search engines and social media updates.

Bob Visse, MSN General Manager, said that MSN will take into account the updates and popular topics on Facebook, Twitter and the Bing search engine. It will also measure the volume of topics on, a joint venture of MSN and NBC. All these updates and high velocity news will be positioned under “Biggest Movers” box. Moreover, a team of editors will select latest topics and stories and will make 100 words posts. These posts would be placed on msnNOW’s What’s Trending homepage.

Share It As You See It

The application would be made available in three options. You can either use it as a web application, a mobile application or as a Facebook application. It is an expected feature that would enable the user to share the stories and trending topics on other social media platforms. This is the first time Microsoft has launched an application on three different platforms at once. No matter where you are, you can surely get your hands on MsnNOW.

Can’t Get Simpler Than This

Its design is simple and enables even the naive users to use the application with ease. The interface is user-friendly and the mobile interface is also light and clean. It’s compatibility will almost all type of mobiles makes it attractive. The new page, which is almost same as of its web edition, will display the stories in grid format. The main story would be placed on large display and other stories will be available on grid menu. Also described, by its GM Visse, as the “river of real-time content”, it will feature small icons of Twitter, Facebook and These icons will float the stories and topics which are trending.

Twitter, Facebook but No Google Plus

GoogleMicrosoft rivalry is no secret and it was expected that MsnNow will leave Google+ outside its offering. Msn may argue that Google+ has not been very popular and it does not considered it because of this reason. But, the reality is not hidden from any one. We may agree that Google+ did not gain much popularity when compared to others, but it can’t be a sole reason for leaving out it from the basket. However, with passing time and Google+ gaining popularity, the possibility of including it in future can’t be ruled out but for now, it is just Twitter and Facebook from the social media universe.

This new application by Microsoft proves that it is never too late to catch up with social media. It is the space where most of the internet users are. By being available and offering a useful service to the users, Microsoft builds it brand value and msnNOW has surely become the trending topic for a few days.

About the (guest) author: Margaret is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on environment and technology. Beside this she is fond of books. She recently did an article on Lancer Evolution. These days she is busy in writing an article on mechanical energy.

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