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Sociable and Nice for the Holidays

sociable and nice santa

Merrry Christmas!!!

That’s how it starts, with these 2 innocent little words that once set in motion will cause all hell to break loose!

It’s the holidays season, time to be good and jolly, sweet and friendly, sociable and nice (:P), it’s time for peace on earth and kindness amongst men… Yeah right ?! ;)

It’s just an excuse to stuff your face like there’s no tomorrow, and drink your mind away to can feel the christmasy spirit, or the ambulance, which ever comes first.

Smile to thy neighbor, the same one you hated all year long.. But now it’s time to knock on his door and bring him some home cooked crap that you wouldn’t be able to eat anyway.
And the only reason you do it for it’s not really kindness, it’s smugness, you’re proving to him that you are better, that you are a nicer and a kinder man!

It’s the season to be shopping.. of course! Because you have to give presents to everybody, since you are so good and kind! And the stores will be waiting for you to spend your money on pointless crap.. but crap on sale!!!

And it’s a free pass for severely musically challenged kids to roam the hallways day and night yelling some indistinguishable gibberish they call carols.. And apparently is not very sociable and nice to call the cops on them.. or chase them with a bat or some form of pointy stick :D

Not to forget about the TV, it’s a free pass for all the washed up celebrities to get together and embarrass themselves and our education system in a desperate pursuit of a lost humour, all for the poor misguided idiots left with nothing better to do than to watch them.  And yes, there are movies to be watched, mostly the same old lame american movies filled with those “Hallmark moments“: family reunited, people changing their lives for the best, overcoming difficulties to find the right path and teaching us the true values of life!
So fortunate of us to have their guidance..

But how all things “get worse before they get better”, actually most things “get worse before they get.. worse“, you need to survive the new year’s eve party usually with a new resolution you will spend ignoring all year long!

My new year resolution is to be even more sociable and nice, what about yours?


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