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How To Disable Or Remove Facebook Timeline

Delete Or Remove Facebook Timeline

Facebook officially unleashed upon the world their new Facebook Timeline.

This is the only guide I could find to disable and delete the new Facebook Timeline forever!


How to Enable Facebook Timeline – Reloaded

Enable Facebook Timeline Part 2 -

Facebook is finally ready to release the Facebook Timeline.

This is the new updated guide on How to get your shiny new Facebook Timeline with just 2 clicks!


How to Enable Facebook Timeline right NOW

Enable Facebook Timeline -

Facebook has in store a new major change, the Facebook Timeline!

It hasn’t been released to the general public yet but soon it will be enabled for everyone.

If you want to get ahead of the crowd, this is the 7 easy steps guide on How to get your shiny new Facebook Timeline now!


Facebook new crap profile – reloaded!

Facebook New Crap Profile -

And they did it again! Facebook came up yet again with a new, even crappier profile! Hard to imagine that was actually possible, right?!

In the battle against Google+ instead of adding new features, improving the old ones, or even more important solving issues, and putting they shit together.. they just copy each other! And we’re the ones paying for it!


Facebook new crap profile and the bullshit idiot


Facebook has again a new profile! With something like 6 months ago from the last one people are already “upgrading” to it.

“New profile”: well they basically just scrambled the same old features around the page so you can feel warm and fuzzy insight when you curse for not finding the Send message button or who knows what else.

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