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Google Plus Business Pages Released

Google Plus Business Pages -

The long expected Google+ Pages for Business have just been released!

A lot of people (including my sociable and nice self) from marketers and business owners to plain simple users were highly excited expecting this new feature from the first launch of Google+.

The outcome proved to be a bit.. ah well, disappointing!

Google Plus-Business Pages

The long expected Google+ Pages for Business have just been released!


Gmail Just Got A New Look!

GMAIL New Look - Vectorash

Google is right now rolling out a fresh new look for Gmail.

There are changes in the design and functionalities and several new features as well. It’s an update of the old interface towards the new look consistent with Google+


Google Buzz Is Being Shut Down

Google Buzz ShutDown - Vectorash

Google Buzz is going Buuh Bye!

Few days ago Bradley Horowitz, the VP for Google+ made an official announcement on the Google blog saying that Google Buzz is going to be canceled making way for the future: Google+!


Facebook new crap profile – reloaded!

Facebook New Crap Profile -

And they did it again! Facebook came up yet again with a new, even crappier profile! Hard to imagine that was actually possible, right?!

In the battle against Google+ instead of adding new features, improving the old ones, or even more important solving issues, and putting they shit together.. they just copy each other! And we’re the ones paying for it!


Online Social Games – Billion Dollar Industry

Online Social Games - Billion Dollar Industry

A Sociable and Nice take on Online Social Games, a billion dollar industry for Facebook Games and Google+ Games!

Every day millions and millions of people go online to play these lame stupid repetitive (friends spamming requests) games that stimulate nothing but the accounts of the greedy few that are feeding on the addiction of these brainless zombies


Google is turning Sociable and NOT Nice!

Google Sociable and NOT Nice

Google has finally understood the power of social media and as usually decided to “own” it!

As some of you might have seen or heard, Google has launched a full scale attack on his new found bold but naive competitor Facebook.

Welcome to Sociable and Nice with a blog :)

Consider this my way of thinking out loud and.. online.
And if there might still be any doubt about the sociable and nice part, I even have a page with cute kittens ;)

P.S. Depending on my mood, i will write in english (en) or romanian (ro)
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