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Twitter Brand Pages and Redesign

New Twitter Brand Pages and Redesign -

Twitter is the one now that gets more sociable and nice announcing their new Twitter Brand Pages and redesign positioning itself once again as a major competitor for Facebook and Google+.

These new changes are set to highly increase the company’s revenues over the next period of time!


Internet Explorer Users Have Low IQ

Firefox biting IE -

Finally it’s official, if you are using Internet Explorer (especially IE 6) you’re a moron!

A study made (allegedly) by a Canadian company called AptiQuant that polled over 100 000 people ages 16 and up presented that basically Internet Explorer users have a lower IQ. And the dumbest people on the Internet are the ones still using IE6!

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The Internet Idiot

Internet Idiot

I’m writing this post to raise awareness about an issue that affects all of us. It’s not breaking news, it goes on for tens of years, but I think people have just forgot or don’t care anymore.

So BEWARE: Besides radiation exposure, city destroying earthquakes and flooding tsunamis there is another strong menace out there: the Internet Idiot!

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