Twitter Brand Pages and Redesign

New Twitter Brand Pages and Redesign

Twitter, the social media veteran is back in the big boys league with a large scale redesign and a new product aimed straight at the companies, the Twitter Brand Pages!

The last couple of months all we could hear about was Facebook Timeline and Google+ Business Pages. I guess Twitter felt a bit left out, so it decided to get back in the game and they’re doing it with a bang!

The name of this new campaign is called “Let’s Fly” – “A faster, simpler way to stay close to everything you care about

The small video presentation released for the new Twitter:

Jack Dorsey, co-founder and chairman of Twitter said that one main goal of this redesign is to make “Twitter more accessible for all 7 billion people on the planet” especially since they already see Twitter as “the best place to represent yourself on the Internet

Well I guess if there is one thing this world will never be in shortage of is.. idiots! So the plan here is to make things as easy as possible for all of these idiots to get their “voices” heard.

The new Twitter aims exactly at that, making more and more people everywhere using even more and more of Twitter :)

But let’s not get side tracked here, there’s one main underlying reason for all these changes, the same reason that makes the corporate world go round and round: the profit!

With over 300 million users (reported for 2011) that generate over 300 million tweets and over 1.6 billion searches per day Twitter was lacking a proper advertising system to seriously cash in on this huge traffic and bring in the big bucks. It’s reported that in 2010 they made only $45 million.

The first main step for increasing these “small” revenues are the new brand pages, as they announced it: “Let your brand take flight on Twitter with enhanced profile pages

The pages will have similar features as the competitors Facebook Pages and Google Plus Brand Pages but apparently with a bit more customisation options. Brands will be able to put in larger logos and banners, control color schemes, have embedded multimedia like videos, images, maps, other tweets…

There are already around 20 huge brands that serve as launch partners for these pages, showing a bit of the new features. Some of these partners are:


Twitter - Pepsi

Coca Cola

Twitter - Coca Cola


Twitter - McDonalds


Twitter - Heineken -

That really kinda makes you want a beer. But it may be just me, the Disney page has the same effect :P


Twitter - Disney


Twitter - Intel


The new design will roll out during the next few weeks as Twitter announced. The same applies for the brand pages. The will soon release this feature for companies and brands everywhere.

These new brand pages will bring a major focus on Twitter from companies and advertisers everywhere positioning Twitter once again as a strong competitor for Facebook and Google+.

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